How do I repay my line of credit?
You simply pay what you spend in BBX by providing new sales to BBX members. Not with your valuable cash.
How can I access the BBX Global Membership ?
BBX members have business to business account managers to assist in daily transactions. Every member has access to the BBX products and services website which includes the BBX members directory, marketplace, tourism, online banking and transaction processing. BBX Members also have a dedicated customer service line 1300 YES BBX (1300 937 229).
Are there any fees involved?
BBX is a performance based organisation, after you have joined an annual card fee of $250 cash + $250 BBX buying credits is applicable. There will be no other fees until BBX sends you new customers and generates new business sales through the BBX cashless payment platform. BBX charges 10% cash + tax of the value of each new sale we create.